Care Plans
by Snout

Get clients to commit to your standard of care and pay on a monthly basis. Snout pays you at the time of service.
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Care plans help pet owners avoid unexpected costs at the vet. Now with Snout, you don’t have to wait to get paid.

How it works:

Clients enroll in a care plan


Snout pays clinic at the time of each visit


Snout manages the collection of membership fees

See how Snout compares

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    Client Enrollment
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    Decision Period
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    Other Services
  • Incumbent Solutions
  • turns staff into sales people
  • only get paid monthly membership fees
  • turns clinic into a collection agency
  • set up fee
    software fee
    enrollment fee
    transaction fee
    payment processing
  • 90+ days, fees
  • Clients have to decide immediately in clinic
  • Snout
  • software offers plans to clients directly
  • get paid for services performed at time of visit
  • Snout manages all collections
  • 5% + payment processing fees
  • 14 days, free
  • Clients have 48 hours post-visit to enroll in plans
  • Pricing analysis

Why People Love Us

60% of our clients are choosing to enroll in wellness plans because it allows them to spread out pet care payments and receive continuous medical services throughout the year. Our hospital sees the benefit by having a steady revenue coming in monthly and most importantly an increase in compliance with preventative care.

Mary Lopez

Practice Manager @Hendricks Veterinary Hospital
Solving the cash flow problem that wellness plans creates is going to change the industry. It's a no-brainer to offer my clients because I know I will get paid.

Jon Detweiler

Practice Manager @Telford Veterinary

Connects with your practice management system

No need to change your workflow, we’re compatible with all major PIMS
*Snout provides custom marketing materials, brochures, updates to website, email campaigns, and social media kits.


What if a client stops paying?

We trust veterinary practitioners to provide services to the clientele of their choosing. Snout supports you by handling all collection efforts of membership fees. If any fees are deemed uncollectible, Snout reserves the right to reduce future payments to the practice by the difference in usage and payments received.

Do you integrate with my PMS?

Snout integrates with all cloud-based PMS, Avimark, Cornerstone, Infinity, and other major PMS providers. If you have questions about a specific PMS, please email us at

Can I customize plans?

Yes. Snout provides recommended standard packages, but plans are 100% customizable to your pricing, your standards, your practice.

Will I need to change my workflow?

At checkout, simply enter the invoice amount into Snout’s system and the software does the rest.
Looking for a better patient intake flow to save countless hours for your staff?

Check out SnoutID: a digital, touchless check in process for your practice.